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What is SocialArk?

SocialArk is your personal online solution for all of your Social Media archival and compliance needs.

SocialArk records every tweet, post, comment and response on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With an intuitive interface and superior search and report functionality, you and your organisation can retain and report on data relating to every Social Media interaction.

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Why use SocialArk?

A company's social media activities are subject to compliance and have legal significance, like any written document.

Social Media platforms are under no obligation to retain records of your account activities. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can choose to moderate, delete or close an account, and all its content, at their discretion. The key to compliance is to be able to prove what was said, when, where, by whom and to whom. SocialArk gives you the ability to access this information at the touch of a button.

The EU has ratified new laws - the GDPR - on data protection that directly affects all social media activity. Failure to comply with the GDPR laws, including not being able to provide evidence of a process in place for GDPR, will result in fines and potential prosecution. Critically, not having a record of all social media activity, retained and searchable in a digital archive, results in fines of up to 2% of global turnover or €10m, whichever is greater.

It is critical you protect your own and your clients' bottom line with a social media archive. SocialArk gives you peace of mind in providing an intuitive archival and management tool for all of your Social Media engagements.

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Why is SocialArk the best choice
for Social Media Archiving?

Instant Social Media Compliance

SocialArk acts as your trusted Digital Archive providing protection against exposure to litigation, contempt of court or crippling fines for non-compliance to GDPR Data Protection and many industry standard regulations.

Intelligent Access

SocialArk provides a user-friendly, intuitive platform that allows you to manage your own content, preserving it for as long as you need it. What this means for you is smart and intelligent access to social media feeds past and present.

Seamless Deployment

No software installs, IT or hardware costs necessary. Just sign up and connect your social media accounts - SocialArk takes care of the rest.

Digital Preservation

NASA developed processes in data preservation after the 1969 moon landing created millions of invaluable data records. In line with these protocols, all SocialArk archives are checked and verified every day, triple hosted in Ireland, Europe and Australia. SocialArk allows you to keep your digital material alive and fit for use even as technological advances render original format specifications obsolete.

Expert Support

Our digital archivists are experts in the field. They will guide you through the deployment process and are available to support you and provide best practise advice while you use SocialArk.


SocialArk provides you with authentic digital records for legal, eDiscovery & regulatory use. With SocialArk you can export to specialised & standard file formats at the click of a button.

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