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What is FileArk?

FileArk is a full-stack digital archiving solution that allows you to efficiently store, protect and access your rich digital content in one place.

From advertising campaigns, events, photos to product development, files, documents and more, FileArk is the solution of choice for the preservation and active management of assets online, making them accessible to your teams for years to come. With FileArk, you can move your business from physical to digital. Just some of the benefits include:

  1. Instant access at your fingertips to your creative digital content through a user-friendly portal with intelligent search and retrieval
  2. A rich resource of brand narrative to feed content marketing, develop new product lines, new campaigns & maintain brand consistency
  3. Rich file information and metadata on upload, add your business specific data to your files
  4. Import, export, edit, tag, search single or multiple files at the click of a button
  5. Secure storage that allows you to meet legal and compliance requirements
  6. Audit trails with each item stored
  7. Help your business be more environmentally friendly by reducing your usage of paper
  8. Cost reduction of set up and maintenance of physical IT storage systems on-site
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Why use FileArk?

Intelligent Access

FileArk provides you with an intuitive dashboard, effective search and retrieval tools and centralised storage for all of your digital assets. Empower your team and create more efficient workflows by using FileArk. FileArk allows you to gather your digital content from fragmented work sources such as servers, desktops and laptops.

Seamless Deployment

No software installs, IT or hardware costs necessary. Just sign up and get archiving - FileArk takes care of the rest.


FileArk allows you to use authenticated records for legal, eDiscovery & regulatory use. Export to specialised & industry standard file formats at the click of a button.

Expert Support

Our digital archivists are experts in the field. They will guide you through the deployment process and are available to support you and provide best practise advice while you use FileArk.


FileArk is your trusted Digital Archive offering you protection against exposure to crippling fines for archival non-compliance to GDPR Data Protection and many industry standard regulations.

Digital Preservation

NASA developed processes in data preservation after the 1969 moon landing created millions of invaluable data records. In line with these protocols, all FileArk archives are checked and verified every day, triple hosted in Ireland, Europe and Australia. FileArk allows you to keep your digital material alive and fit for use even as technological advances render original format specifications obsolete.

Why is FileArk the best choice for digital archiving?

Archiving is easy with FileArk – upload or import files one by one or in bulk whether you are archiving for the first time or migrating from another system.

FileArk makes finding assets simple - users can find the asset they need quickly & efficiently saving time and money. FileArk allows you to use advanced search and create your own search criteria. Users can also use tags and metadata to link and group assets.

Collaborate with FileArk - users can edit, share, download, create new versions and more the assets archived in FileArk.

Describe your data using FileArk's powerful metadata, attribute and tag options.

Manage your data through FileArk's version control and admin access tools. FileArk puts you control who accesses your assets when and to what purpose.

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