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Last week, Enterprise Ireland identified 229 young companies that received €32m in supporting investment. These included 128 companies under its Competitive Start Fund (CSF) and 13 under its New Frontiers programme. Here, we look at 20 start-ups to watch from the CSF and New Frontiers batch.

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Deirdre Ni Luasaigh is paving the way in the fascinating arena of digital archiving. Her company, Culture Ark, is a digital archiving platform for brand archives, creative agencies and cultural heritage organisations. Why does that matter? Deirdre explained, “We are building a time machine! Digital content is fragile, vulnerable and under constant threat of loss. Much of it will not be accessible, readable or useable in a few years time.”

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Jul 05, 2015 by Sandra O'Connell, Sunday Times Business

Flexibility can prove your best friend

Adrian Legg, a digital archivist living on Sherkin Island in west Cork, has been providing high-end digitisation services for well-known Irish artists for a number of years. With co-founder and wife Deirdre Ni Luasaigh, he set up Culture Ark in early 2014, aimed at providing similar services to the galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM) sector, both in Ireland and internationally.

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The stunning scenery on the remote West Cork island of Sherkin has proved to be a source of inspiration for the many local artists who live there. It was also where husband-and-wife team, Adrian Legg and Deirdre Ni Luasaigh, got the idea for a business they set up on the island almost two years ago.

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